Alex the Wineguy

About Me


Alexander Bruno is a certified Sommelier. He is a member of the Sommelier Society of America, the Beverage Tasting Institute and a graduate of the Windows of the World course. He imports, sells and educates a sophisticated clientele about wine through wine tastings.

When Alex talks about wine, people listen, especially anyone who listens to the ’Jersey Guys” on New Jersey Radio 101.5, where as a frequent guest he is nicked named “ Alex the wine guy”. And because he is also a former state, national and international karate champion, we find his clients rarely complain about his wine choices.

Alex is a 5th dan black belt and Chief Instructor of the World Shito-Ryu Karate Federation. He is also a 3rd dan black belt with the World Karate Federation and a trainer for the United States National Karate Federation NJ state team.